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The KJC Comix Super Supporter Account (SSA) is an avenue for those who want to become a consistent and dedicated supporter of KJC Comix. It is a support device that will aid us in many different ways:

  • Help ensure our productions retain a timely schedule
  • Aids us in our production and printing costs
  • Opens up larger avenues into other industries such as Animation, Video Games, and signature Apparel
  • Assists us in secure funds for pending productions
  • Helps bring in more talent to create additional large and small productions
  • Helps increase the quality of existing productions (for example, black and white features can be printed in color)
  • Offsets the cost of ongoing single shot campaigns (such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo)
  • Aids us in our showcase costs at conventions
  • Helps us in hiring more help in Web and Graphic Design
  • …and much much more!
HelpWhat is the difference between this SSA and Campaigns ( 
While campaign sites such as help fund many projects, the help gained is usually limited to a single production (one shot). We will always continue to run a listing on a campaign website for our production needs. While these websites are fantastic avenues for limited support and attention, the SSA provides us with continuous support. This will allow production on a professional timely basis, while keeping the required hassle, effort, and time of our supporters down to a minimum. All monies acquired through the SSA will be applied to any ongoing campaign till their completion.
FAQHow much?
You’ll be happy to know that opening an SSA takes only one dollar ($1.00) per month. Sounds incredible huh? Of course you can increase your support to $5, $10, $25, or even $100 per month if you really love us. We aren’t going to leave you high and dry either. Just like the one shot campaigns ( or, we’re offering exclusive prizes to those registered under this account. You can even cancel any time.
Please be aware that the only way the SSA will succeed is if enough supporters join. Surely there are plenty of people that can spare at least a single dollar or five towards a great cause right?
Hai tomodachi desu! Here is a full list description of what you will receive when you contribute. You can also choose to start your SSA Membership by clicking the following “Support Us” buttons! You must already have a verified PayPal account.

CITIZEN – $1.00/month

  • A big generous “THANK YOU!”

Donate Now

PAGE – $5.00/month

  • Free Super Supporter Button
  • Get 1 Free PDFs of any book along with 1 store voucher to read that new book online when available. (Per Year)
Donate Now

REBEL – $10.00/month

  • Free Super Supporter Button
  • Get 2 Free PDFs of the Book along with 2 store vouchers to read those new books online when available. (Per Year)
  • Free Bumper Sticker
Donate Now

RAVAGER – $25.00/month

  • Free Super Supporter Button
  • Guaranteed FREE copy (voucher/hard/and pdf) of any new KJCC Comic when released.
  • Exclusive sneak peak access to development and developing content to upcoming KJCC Productions.
  • Able to comment and interject on the designs of this exclusive content.
  • Exclusive contests entry.
  • One Free Exclusive Super Supporter T-Shirt.

 MASTER – $100.00/month

  • Free Super Supporter Button
  • Guaranteed FREE copy (voucher/hard/and pdf) of any new KJCC Comic when released.
  • Exclusive sneak peak access to development and developing content to upcoming KJCC Productions.
  • Able to comment and interject on the designs of this exclusive content.
  • Double entry into exclusive contests.
  • Cool deals on exclusive Super Supporter gear.
  • One Free Exclusive Super Supporter T-Shirt every year.
  • Exclusive cover design on all your free books!
  • Your name on the first page of every book in supporter section!
  • Free Cool Mug
 Donate Now

To withdraw your support for KJC Comix, please click the button below.

(Note: Ranks are not compounded. For example, after donating as a Citizen for five months, does not make you a Page. You must be donating at the Page level to receive Page rewards.)

What do I Do?How do I Unsubscribe to the SSA?
Simple! You can simply click the Unsubscribe button on the website (above). If for whatever reason that doesn’t work, since this service is run through PayPal, all you have to do is:

  1. Login to Paypal
  2.  Go to Profile->More Options->My Money
  3. Go to “My Preapproved Payments” towards the bottom of the list and click “Update”
  4. You should see a listing that says “Key Jay Compound”. Click the link to enter the profile.
  5. Click Cancel and PayPal will ask you to verify the changes. Click Yes.

If you are still having trouble canceling your SSA, please email us directly and we’ll cancel the account for you.

Cant Pledge?
If you are unable to support us financially please like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.
KJCC Facebook PageKJCC Twitter Page
Most importantly, tell your friends about us!!!

Thank you so much everyone, thank you all for what you are willing to give, we hope that you enjoy your prizes, and we hope to see you soon at a
convention nearest you!

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